Edge Control: A Collection of Poetry

Reneé Salandy, Poet & Writer

“Our Lady of Guadalupe’s nipsey blue veil languishes in the foyer, as drizzle becomes hard rain…”

“Black women trust a few good men like King and X or Jack and Gin.”

Reneé Salandy, Poet & Writer

Reneé Salandy uses an autobiographical approach to storytelling to collide new subjects with the old. She hopes her writing contributes to world literature and influences others to maintain history through folklore.

Her musical upbringing influences her lyrical writing sound as literature provides the opportunity for her to elaborate specifics, blend genres and appeal to the senses using imagery.

The perfect synthesis of classic and edgy

Reneé Salandy profiles a transient world of cultured precision toward creative evolution.

“Penelope lives in my head. People like her wake the dead.”

Spiritual Elements of Freedom

Born in East Texas, Reneé Salandy infuses her Trinidadian heritage with southern twang to discuss how cultural norms define freedom.